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Rheinlandpfalz Zeitung – “A Musical Dream”

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

The listeners simply fell into the music

Dale Kavanagh gave the opening concert of the 13th Koblenz Guitar Festival to a full house. It was her first time to perform here and it will not be her last!

Dale Kavanagh is a poet on the guitar where she has virtuosic command. In addition she is a romantic who thoughtfully takes the works that she interprets to heart. Carlo Domeniconi appeared twice in the program, where she began Triptychon with a monster dynamic. (more…)

Acoustic Guitar – “Contemporary Classic”

Sunday, January 26th, 2003

Over the past decade, Canadian classical guitarist Dale Kavanagh has emerged as a vital force in contemporary guitar music. Both as a soloist and as a member of the Amadeus Guitar Duo, she has built a reputation as a technical virtuoso and an insightful interpreter of contemporary guitar repertoire.

Kavanagh’s first contact with classical guitar came in 1975 when she heard Segovia protégé Oscar Ghiglia in concert in Canada. At that point, she was already playing guitar professionally in folk and jazz bands. Hearing Ghiglia play was a revelation that inspired her to seek professional training in classical guitar. (more…)

Acoustic Guitar

Thursday, August 1st, 2002

“Reverie”: Classical-Romantic Music for Guitar

In this collection of pieces from the early 19th century, Dale Kavanagh presents virtuosic works from one of the richest periods in the guitar. Three of the composers featured–Mauro Giuliani, Guilio Regondi, Nicoló Paganini represent the romantic tradition of the instrument. The longer works, Regondi’s “Reverie” and Giuliani’s “Grand Overture”Op.61, demonstrates how large in scope guitar of this period could be. Kavanagh’s playing is impressive and at times pianistic in the strength of her attack and fullness of her sound. (

Acoustic Guitar – June 2001 Hit List

Friday, June 1st, 2001

Canadian guitarist Dale Kavanagh, who now lives in Germany, revisits the 20th century with this group of three sets of variations by Carlos Domeniconi, Manuel Maria Ponce, and Benjamin Britten. Kavanagh brings a great deal of insight to these pieces, particularly Ponce’s most ambitious work for the guitar, his variations on the ancient theme “Folia de Espana”, and Britten’s groundbreaking Nocturnal, Op. 70. Praise must also go to luthier Kolya Panhuyzen for building Kavanagh an instrument of great expressive range and power.

Concert review by Kultur Spiegel (in German)

Friday, September 1st, 2000

Spiegel Magazine (September 2000)

Brillant: Ein Naturgesetz? Harfen werden jedenfalls fast immer von Frauen gespielt, Gitarren von Mè§nnern. Dir gebèºrtige Kanadierin Dale Kavanagh bestè§tigt als Ausnahme die Regel. Sie zè§hlt zu den Spitzen der Guitarrero-Zunft, was sie auf ihrer neuen Solo-CD beweist. Den “Variationen èºber ein anatolisches Volkslied” von Carlo Domeniconi entlockt sie faszinierende Klangfarben, die uralte spanisch-portugiesische Melodie “La Folia” die der Mexikaner Manuel-Maria Ponce bearbeitet hat, variiert sie virtuos. Auch Benjamin Brittens “Nocturnal” spielt Kavanagh technisch makellos und klanglich brillant.