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Fanfare Review – Lyrical and Virtuosic guitar music

Wednesday, October 6th, 1999

An absolutely stunning recital from this young Canadian guitarist. The dexterity of her left hand sets the scene in the lively and brilliant openning Allegretto from Lennox Berkeley’s Sonatina. From there Kavanagh takes us faultlessly through just about every facet of guitar technique. Her intonation is impeccable, and the precision of her right hand brings a clarity even to the most mercurial passages. She is also a guitarist who manages to keep the noise of fingers moving on strings to a minimum, despite the fact that the close micing places her under a microscope. (more…)

Canadian Wunderkind

Friday, October 1st, 1999

by Alison Bert

Dale Kavanagh talks about her concert career in Europe, composer collaborations, advice for guitarists, and her duo and symposium.

I first heard about Dale Kavanagh at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in the picturesque town of Siena, Italy. It was July 1983, and the festival participants were strolling through the Piazza relaxing before auditions would take place the next day. Oscar Ghiglia, who taught the guitar masterclasses, would remind us excitedly from time to time, “Dale’s coming!” He wasn’t sure just when, but for those of us that didn’t know her, we knew that there was something very important about her arrival. (more…)

A little traveling music

Thursday, May 6th, 1993

Dal-Educated Dale Kavanagh, international guitar virtuoso, was back for a while this winter. But if you blinked, you probably missed her.

This is not the European concert circuit where she has won rave reviews for her musical virtuosity. It’s not even the Sir James Dunn Theater in the Dalhousie Arts Center where she has delighted hundreds with her range and repertoire. It’s her cramped office in the Dalhousie Music Department, and something about the way Dale Kavanagh is playing the short, complicated classical guitar solo suggests her mind is on something else right now. Like the bags she’ll soon be packing. (more…)

Halifax Debut Recital

Tuesday, April 6th, 1993

Guitarist demonstrates light, precise touch.

Classical guitarist Dale Kavanagh has been teaching in the city since September, but few in the musical community knew about it. As a native Nova Scotian, recognition in her home province is slow to come.

But none can shrug off her talent and musicianship after her professional Halifax debut recital in the Dunn last night on the Chamber Music at Dalhousie series. She is a first class performer at the world level. One has the feeling that everyone in Canada is going to know about her in the not too distant future. (more…)

Talent From Canada

Saturday, June 6th, 1992

Colin Cooper Talks To Dale Kavanagh

The Canadian guitarist Dale Kavanagh won a creditable first prize in the Scandinavian International Guitar Competition in 1988. It was a useful aid in establishing herself as a concert guitarist, and her recital there the following year as an invited guest showed that the award of the prize was not misplaced. Her assured confident and penetrating musicianship are going to make a lot of friends for her in the years that lie ahead. Before that, she had done a couple of other competitions, getting a third prize at Palma, Mallorca, a third prize in Gargnano, and a second prize in Neuchatel, Switzerland. (more…)