• Best of all for me was Dale Kavanagh’s interpretation of the difficult “Tres piezas” by Rodrigo, which, frankly, I have never heard played better.

    Classical Guitar Magazine – England
  • This young artist amazed the Berlin public.

    Guitar & Laute Magazine – Germany
  • Dale Kavanagh has taken the art of pianissimo to a new level. She was able to project even the most intricate arpeggio phrases with absolute transparency.

    Washington Post – USA
  • This is one of the most musical recordings of Benjamin Britten’s “Nocturnal” that I have ever heard.

    Soundboard Magazine – USA
  • She is a first class musician and performer at the world level.

    The Mail Star – Canada
  • A true poet on the Guitar.

    Volks Blatt “Die Kultur News fur Liechtenstein”
  • Tonight Dale played solo – fast, clean, powerful, musical – an incredible concert.

    Soundboard Magazine – USA


Dale Kavanagh performs internationally as a soloist and in concertos with orchestra. She also is part of the Amadeus Guitar Duo with German guitarist Thomas Kirchhoff. She has performed in over 40 countries.


Dale is currently very engaged with composing, having recently written for : The Marlow International Youth Guitar Competition, Aniello Desiderio, Costas Cotsiolis. Giampaolo Bandini, Emma Rush, ChromaDuo, Irina Kulikova, and many more. It is an exciting time.

Recording Artist

Dale Kavanagh is Professor of Guitar at the Musikhochschule in Detmold, Germany. She held the appointment of “Musician in Residence” at Acadia University between 2003-2010.


04/06/2023 Bedburg (Schloss Bedburg)
09/06/2023 Burgwedel (with Duo Gruber & Maklar)
16/06/2023 Stettin/Polen (Baltic Guitar Days)
25/06/2023 Harbourville, Nova Scotia, Canada
02/07/2023 Lübbecke (mit Orgel, Hermann Grube)
24/07/2023 Iserlohn (31. Gitarren-Festival)
02/08/2023 Dillington, England
03/08/2023 Dillington, England
14/08/2023 Carrion de los Condes, Spain
16/08/2023 Carrion de los Condes, Spain
03/09/2023 Barendorf (16. Draht-Saiten-Akt)
17/09/2023 Lagoa, Portugal (Int. Guitar Festival)
27/09/2023 Ottawa. Classical Guitar Society, Canada
29/09/2023 Quebec City
01/10/2023 Marlow Series, Washington DC
06/10/2023 Milwaukee, USA
07/10/2023 Knoxville
09/10/2023 Indianapolis
13/10/2023 New York Classical Guitar Society, USA
14/10/2023 Louisville Classical Guitar Festival, USA
28/10/2023 Bad Hersfeld (Museum)
29/10/2023 Dortmund (18h Marienkirche)
09/11/2023 Aachen (mit Tomas A. Nowak, Orgel)
15/11/2023 Iserlohn – Orgelglanzlichter 414 (mit Tomasz A. Nowak, Orgel)
17/11/2023 Meinerzhagen (with Duo Gruber & Maklar)
18/11/2023 Jüchen (Gitarrenfestival with Duo Gruber & Maklar)
03/03/2024 Rekowo, Polen
10/03/2024 Mount Allison, N.B., Canada
14/03/2024 Yarmouth, N.S., Canada
16/03/2024 Antigonish, N.S., Canada
17/03/2024 Wolfville, N.S., Canada
08/09/2024 Barendorf (17. Draht-Saiten-Akt)