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Halifax Debut Recital

Tuesday, April 6th, 1993

Guitarist demonstrates light, precise touch.

Classical guitarist Dale Kavanagh has been teaching in the city since September, but few in the musical community knew about it. As a native Nova Scotian, recognition in her home province is slow to come.

But none can shrug off her talent and musicianship after her professional Halifax debut recital in the Dunn last night on the Chamber Music at Dalhousie series. She is a first class performer at the world level. One has the feeling that everyone in Canada is going to know about her in the not too distant future. (more…)

The Krakow Festival

Saturday, April 20th, 1991

Dale Kavanagh played after Sonja, and by contrast hers was a spectacular performance, spirited, impressive, mature and impassioned. She at once put the audience at ease with a definitive rendering of Courante, Ballet and La Volta by Praetorius. (I disagree with Matanya Ophee that because these are dances they should have been taken at a slower pace. This was a guitar recital and not a dance-hall!) Dale’s own arrangement of the Second Movement of the Guitar Concerto by Villa Lobos followed and was even more loudly applauded then the Terpsicore. (more…)