Thanks to many teachers. my special people.

It is time to finally thank all of the teachers that I can remember along my musical learning journey.

Beginning with Ken Bezanson with piano followed by  Prof. Owen Stevens.  Some 10 years of tremendous patience!  Paul Niemisto for clarinet and Band instruction- Symphonic and Jazz.  A great inspiration.

Jeffery May, who prepared me for my audition at Acadia helping me with classical and jazz guitar.  Who also provided important friendship and support at a very important time.

Ken Davidson, Carol van Feggelen, Doug Reach and Eli Kassner who tutored  me in my first university years at Acadia, University, Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto.  Each and every one of them were very helpful, supportive and filled with very good ideas for me.

All of the masterclass teachers at the Banff School of Music.  Just too many to name, but a special thanks to Tom and Isabelle Rolston, who made it all happen for me there.

Finally Oscar Ghiglia.  A great artist, teacher and friend.  A million thanks, always.

Thanks to all of you wonderful, special people for helping me follow a path that has taken me further that I had ever dreamed.