Rheinlandpfalz Zeitung – “A Musical Dream”

The listeners simply fell into the music

Dale Kavanagh gave the opening concert of the 13th Koblenz Guitar Festival to a full house. It was her first time to perform here and it will not be her last!

Dale Kavanagh is a poet on the guitar where she has virtuosic command. In addition she is a romantic who thoughtfully takes the works that she interprets to heart. Carlo Domeniconi appeared twice in the program, where she began Triptychon with a monster dynamic. The second movement was free and meditative and you could feel Bach’s inspiration in the Chaconne with other influences from Baden Powell and Villa Lobos.

Singing lies well with this interpret displaying the melodies and happiness of Pipos “Cancion y Danza” and the forlornness of Rodrigo’s “Invocation et Danse” repeatedly breaking the dance through 3/4 and 4/4 . Dale Kavanagh played a celebrated performance of the old folksong “Briny Ocean Toss” and “Kol Nidre by Robinovitch. Applause was not only at the end but throughout and also for her own compositions where she displayed the soundcolors of “Contemplation” and free energy of “A la Fueco”

The audience was truly moved by an evening with a virtuoso that can make music wonderfully come to life.

by: Bernhard Wibben