Gala Night CD

Our  NAXOS: “GALA NIGHT ” CD came out in December , 2015 with Thomas Kirchhoff, Christian Gruber and Peter Maklar and myself, Dale Kavanagh

Here is our first critic:

Two of the world´s best guitar duos have come together to record a CD of music from 4 centuries.  We had a high expectation for this CD and were not disappointed.
The top duos play a collection of Praetorius “Dances”, Borodin´s “Steps of Central Asia”, and the “Fandango” by Bocherini.  The demonstrated great ensemble playing and showing the wonderful sound variety that can be produced on the guitar, like a miniorchestra.

The Amadeus Duo gave a brilliant intrepretation of Giulliani´s “Variationi Concertanti” as did  Gruber & Maklar with da Falla´s “La vida Brèvé”.  The  3 solo pieces   composed and performed by Dale Kavanagh were both lively and virtuos, rounding up the program.

Every title. every movement, every phrase and every note on this CD is successful, plus the production is immaculate.  This CD I can recommend for both guitar connoisseurs, and enthusiasts and guarantee a genuinely enjoyable listening experience.

Harald Wittig
Akoustik Gitarre 2016